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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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plus a santa clara stow away makes it to hawaii in the wheel well. he was not even in a seat. how he survived a five-hour flight crammed on the outside of that plane. we have a whole new forecast to tell you about this week. cooler, cloudier for today. we have rain on the way as of tomorrow and then a cool air mass settles in before we get hammered with rainfall potentially. this weekend looking really good. we'll take you through your full forecast in moments. good morning, anthony slaughter in. checking your traffic. metering lights on the bay bridge. let you know if there are any other accidents happening across the area. anthony, a live look at the bay bridge this morning, it is monday, april 21st and this is "today in the bay." good monday morning to you, thank you for joining us straight up at 6:00.
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i'm peggy bunker in for laura this morning. >> i'm scott mcgrew. a man with a gun has surrendered after keeping san jose s.w.a.t at bay for hours. police on camden avenue, i don't think you're seeing the proper video there shut down camden avenue overnight as they were near a home near samson way and del paso avenue. this is also where bob redell is live all morning. bob, tell us about the end of the standoff. >> well, it ended peacefully, good morning to you there, scott. which san jose police is very happy about. started around 8:00 last night with this man who holed himself up in a home here on del paso avenue with him firing some rounds into the neighborhood. >> my parents and what my dad said is about he fired 20 shots from his high-powered rifle at the neighbor he thinks is doing illegal activities. and then retreated back into his house.
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>> firing those shots into the ground, according to police, not at someone, just into the ground and, yes, did retreat back into the home. that was around 8:00. stayed in that home until 3:20 this morning. the police department not only had their officers out here, but merge, which is their version of s.w.a.t. s.w.a.t did surround the house. they were in some sort of communication with the man throughout the night and the early morning. they said he was quiet, but eventually did agree to come out and surrender peacefully, as i mentioned. he has been taken into custody and some officers are still out here processing the scene. of course, they wanted to retrieve that rifle from inside his home. and you heard that teenager was speaking with us who lived in this same neighborhood telling us that this man tried to steal his cats before and that he kind of become the self-appointed neighborhood watch. the take away, though, from
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listening to this teen they were not very fond of this man. but sounds like this man was a menace in the neighborhood. no one was hurt when he fired the shots into the ground. several hour police standoff but ended peacefully and camden avenue is back open after it was shut down for quite some time last night. so, this is not going to affect your commute. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell. >> we saw as you were talking some police cars drive by with their lights on, et cetera. this is done. if i'm taking kids to school or going to work this morning y can safely get in the car, everything is going it be fine. >> unless you live on dprx el paso and samson way, that immediate area is still shut down. there were shots fired and probably have to collect casings and that sort of thing. it's not clear if they needed a warrant, if they needed a warrant, maybe still waiting on that to get inside the home to
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retrieve that rifle. >> very good. bob redell, thank you much. 6:03 let's get you to a developing story this one unbelievable after a south bay teenager lucky to be alive after hitching a flight to the hawaiian islands. the teenager survived more than five hours on the flight from san jose to maui. "today in the bay" christie smith joining us from san jose international. is there surveillance of this boy getting on to that plane? >> that's what we're hearing there is, apparently, some security footage of him hopping a fence and then i guess somehow sneaking on to that hawaiian airlines plane. but there's so many questions this morning. how did this 16-year-old kid get this idea and how did he pull it off and how did he survive? we're talking about a 5 1/2 hour flight from san jose halfway across the pacific ocean to maui and he did it apparently in the
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wheel well of this plane. but we do have a picture this morning that i wanted to start with showing you and that is of this teenager on a stretcher. apparently he was being taken to be checked out at the hospital. that photo given to us by maui news. also new video of a hawaiian airlines plane in san jose this morning. the plane that was on that left sunday morning and airport officials say they found the teen on the other end on the tarmac after the flight. the fbi questioned the santa clara teen who said he ran away, jumped a fence at the airport and stowed away in the boeing 767. but at the time he left, he apparently didn't know where he was headed. >> you know, he looked pretty good from what i could see. you know, again, young juvenile and didn't appear to be dirty or all greased up from being in the
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wheel well. >> all the security measures in place. it's alarming and scary at the same time. >> now, paramedics, of course, checked the teen out for injuries since the plane is not pressurized there and according to what we are hearing, it can get as cold as 80 degrees below zero. what the fbi is saying is it is very likely that he was unconscious for most of the flight. the fbi is investigating, of course, officials here at the san jose airport are looking into and everyone wants to know how he pulled this off. reporting live in san jose,  christie smith, "today in the bay." >> that's the interesting part, the fbi now investigating and saying that he's exceptionally lucky and apparently had an argument with his family and decided to hitch a plane going anywhere. just happened to get on the hawaiian airlines one. >> he was lucky he wasn't crushed right from the beginning.
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absolutely amazing. >> remarkable. let's check your forecast. live look at san jose and home of the sharks where they won big yesterday. looks like the sun's come up once again. let's check in with christina. >> good morning to you. way to go, sharks. really glad they're still in it to win it. san francisco right now is looking good. 53 degrees here. this is where you'll find a little bit of drizzle and else where starting out with clouds around the bay and mostly clear conditions in your inland valleys. to kick off the brand-new workweek, temperatures today will be the warmest of the week. we're expecting the mid-70s in the south bay. 75 degrees for you and 73 for the peninsula and about 73 degrees for the east bay. so, as we progress throughout the day, let me show you your changes via your futurecast. stop the clock at 8 clk a.m. and cloudy conditions and then as we progress throughout the day, clouds come in quickly by about lunchtime and mostly cloudy across the board. then the rain arrives through about 10:00 p.m. in the north bay and showers spread to the
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south as we head throughout tomorrow morning and at this time we're tracking light activity. look at this, snow levels are going to drop to about 5,000 feet. we have snowfall on the way to tahoe as we head to tomorrow. maybe, maybe six inches to a foot with the reinforcing shot of snow and rain by the end of the week. we're looking at two opportunities for week and want to pull out that umbrella and maybe buried it in the closet and temperatures are going to be cool, as well. you want to have that jacket. kind of a brief return to fall, anthony. it will be nice. check out this sun rise. >> let's not talk about that. commute this morning bay bridge approach, the metering lights have been turned on. keep that in mind. things are starting to slow through the maze coming in from richmond, el cerito and otherwise things are moving smoothly on the 880 side. fremont and down into the santa clara valley, no problems on the
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east side there. as we move through the altamont pass, things are starting to slow down. you can see that from our dublin sky cam and on the bridge, on the map showing the slowing that we're starting to see. speed averages here up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. it is really starting to slow coming through there. last and final stop takes us into the santa clara valley and lots of green on that and that is good news and see as we take a final stop outside to show you what it's looking like in palo alto. back to you guys. new this morning, president joe biden has arrived in kiev for a two-day visit aimed at defusing the ongoing conflict in ukraine. biden will meet with ukraine's interim prime minister and other key leaders. the visit comes one day after a deadly shootout in eastern ukraine that shattered a truce. bullets flew at a checkpoint run by pro-russian militants. at least three people died and three others injured. this is the first violent crash since an international truce was
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reached last week in geneva. one year after a terror attack at the boston marathon tens of thousands of runners will all return to the same streets. many of them to finish the race who weren't able to complete it after the bombing. the race should begin any moment in boston. many of this year's runners expecting to be crossing the finish line and one of the most emotional experiences of their lives. when the bombs went off last year, many runners were still on the course and never got to make it to the finish. they have all been invited back. a huge security presence along the parade route. 3,500 officers and undercover officers will keep an eye on the crowd and twice the number of last year. also more than 100 security cameras will place in place and 13 miles of steel barricades and 40 checkpoints and also bomb sniffing dogs. a different marathon this year for sure. a young boy from martinez who was injured in last year's bombing. 12-year-old aaron hern was
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standing at the finish line. he was waiting for his mother when the bombs went off sending shrapnel into the crowd. aaron underwent several surgeries to remove metal pieces from his legs. aaron is recovering well, playing basketball and baseball. for updates along the marathon route, go to our website, a special section called boston marathon one year stronger and search for the word boston. it will be huge with all the people being invited back. really big turnout there. 6:11 on your monday, still ahead, trailer park millionaire record-breaking settlement against a south bay landlord. we'll tell you about that. how a label mixup is prompting a nationwide hot doggerel. let's get a beautiful picture here from san rafael. the light colored skies there and little bit of rain on the wayp. we'll talk to meteorologist
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christina loren. have a story for nbc investigative unit call the tip line at 888-966-tips.
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6:14. here are our today's top stories. an overnight standoff is now over. officers say the man fired shots into the ground in the cambrien neighborhood last night. the suspect did eventually surrender peacefully. a bay area teen is recovering after flying from san jose to maui in the wheel well of a plane. the fbi says the 16-year-old jumped the fence at san jose moneta by passed security and snuck on to the plane. it is likely he was unconscious for most of that five-hour flight. vice president joe biden is ukraine to meet with leaders of
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the turbulent country there and their new leadership. despite a truce last week, a weekend shootout killed three. we are expecting to hear more from the san jose police leaders following a troubling report from an independent auditor. last week's audit revealed several sorted activities at the police department, including officers who had sex while on the clock. both of them are still employed by the department. the independent police auditor is demanding greater accountability, as well. any officer who lies about confirmed misbehavior should be fired immediately. they plan to discuss the report at this week's meeting. the former san francisco firefighter accused of driving drunk and hitting a motorcyclist will be in court today. police say this surveillance video shows michael quinn behind. this happened last june. the man he hit, jack frazier broke his arm, leg and had a collapsed lung. quinn resigned from the san
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francisco fire department last november. to a trailer park full of millionaires. a small group of tenants at a got a massive pay day after winning a lawsuit. the owners of the california hawaiian mobile estates on snell avenue avenue had sewage backups and a felthy swimming pool. last week a jury awarded the tenants $111 million. that is a record win to failure to maintain lawsuit against any trailer park in the state. if the verdict is not overturned, the tenants could get more than $1.5 million each. >> that's pretty incredible. investigators are looking into this. why a woman drove her car into a campbell swimming pool yesterday. this happened at the casa de rosa apartments. the woman just drove straight into the pool and even left the engine running the. she drove in. as she did manage to get out and run to her daughter's apartment. later on that car was removed from the pool and still no word
6:17 am
on what caused that crash. it is a good day for the pool. let's check the forecast and the live look this morning. san jose and san francisco. i love that san francisco shot. san mateo bridge, as well. >> nice weather, yeah. i prefer my pool without a car in it. >> probably so. >> for the most part. >> good morning. good morning to you. actually going to be a little bit chillier than yesterday. probably a better day for an outdoor hike. we have so many beautiful spots for that here in the bay area. let's take you outside and show you what we are working with this morning. mostly in the 50s and chilly start to the day and areas of low clouds and high and mid-level clouds moving in, as well. as a storm system gets its act together going to bring us light showers as we head back here at this time tomorrow morning. you'll need that umbrella even though we're getting into the end of april and not just for tomorrow as we head through the end of the week, as well. satellite imagery this morning because that really tells the story of the day. you can actually see this thing coming in and bringing in steady
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cloud cover but mostly to areas just north of the golden gate bridge. mostly clear south of that bridge and we will get cloudy as we head throughout the day today. by about 12:00 to 5:00, that's when the sky will really, really start to cloud up. 75 degrees clouds increasing and for those of you who live or work in san francisco, you want to bring your coat with you today, the same for oaklandp 64 degrees here. still, talking about the upper 60s for today and 71 for the north bay and highs in the tri-valley much cooler than yesterday. we had the 80s out there. today 73 degrees. for today you'll notice that difference. cooler weather and rain moves in tomorrow. really light activity efor tomorrow. we'll hold on to some pretty good-looking weather for the mid-section of the week, although it will be cool, cloudy and sunny finishes. look what is coming our way as we head into the end of the week. this is a very impressive storm system. stopped that clock at 7:00 a.m. and not just talking about the
6:19 am
light green, the yellows and the oranges coming in. this is heavy rainfall on the way. we still need that rain, as you know, we're in a drought and looking good for all day friday to get decent totals. we're watching that like a hawk. i'll let you know as things come through. every time i get the forecast models, i'll let you know what happens. we'll check your drive right now, here's anthony. >> earlier we did have a smooth going. an accident right now earlier. there was a hit and run just about ten minutes ago on 880 right at stevenson boulevard. not causing any traffic problems, but you can see traffic is still moving smoothly. let's show you on the maps where it actually is and moving right through fremont. you can see the green tick marks denoting that traffic is still getting by without a problem. just a heads up, that happened 15 minutes ago. as we skip ahead and show you what is happening at the bay bridge approach. lots of yellows and reds on the maps and showing slowing as we approach the maze and show you what it looks like at the bay bridge incline. coming in from richmond, things are slowing down there.
6:20 am
as you move out towards the oakland area things are moving without a problem and show you the bay bridge itself really completely socked in right now with stop and go traffic just because the metering lights have been on for 20 minutes now and that is the way that things will be until 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. want to show you one more place outside. this is what it looks like in palo alto and southbound moving without a problem and our final stop takes us into the santa clara valley and on those maps, lots of green. things moving without a problem in san jose. back to you guys. >> that's what we like to see especially on a monday. if you're a hot dog lover, kraft foods recalling 36,000 pounds of oscar mayer. they may actually contain the classic cheese dogs. that is a bad mistake there. kraft recalled the products because of mixed up labels. they do not list the correct ingredients. the cheese dogs are made with milk not good for those lactose
6:21 am
intolerant. kraft recalled the hot dogs after a consumer reported the mixup to the company. time now 6:20, still ahead sharks score a touchdown. how is that possible? we'll explain. also taking you live outside. let's give you a look here at the beautiful green hill sides in sunol. hope you enjoyed this nice weekend. there is a temperature drop coming up and that's all right. hopefully we'll get a couple rain drops. be back in a minute.
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you're taking a look at the nbc bay area booth where all the newscasts are put together. >> there he is right there sending out the shoutout there. let's talk a little hockey. san jose sharks are tearing up the competition in the stanley cup playoffs. >> commanding 2-0 lead taking it on the road to los angeles. game three tomorrow night against the kings. last night the sharks had fallen behind early, managed to muster seven unanswered goals to cruise to a 7-2 win. it is the most goals the team has ever scored at the tank in the playoffs. >> you're down 2-0 and just thought, don't let them get another goal. we keep them at two and truly believe we get three and win the game. you're getting the chances and just have to keep with it. >> no one panicked. coaching staff, players, we knew
6:25 am
if we'd keep playing the way we were playing we would score some goals. >> not bad. the game sent off a flurry of tweets. touchdown san jose sharks. congratulations on the win. the warriors tweeted, nicely done. let's keep this beat l.a. thing going. let's take a look at the sap center. the game is in l.a. and puck drops at 7:00. the this will be tomorrow night. the warriors also in los angeles for the playoff there's. the team is looking to take a two-game lead against the clippers on saturday. golden state won a nailbiter. the score there, 109-105. tonight's tipoff at 7:30 and head back to oracle arena for game three on thursday. nike will no longer make wearable devices like the fuel band fitness tracker and the nike sports fuel watch. the company fired the majority of its fuel band staff.
6:26 am
nike will focus exclusively on fitness and athletic software for apps for smartphones. they have a potential partner with apple. google and apple are reportedly make sure top game titles show up on their devices first. both are offering to give games premium placement. last summer apple signed a deal with electronic arts to have access to a new zombie fighting video two months before google. >> fair enough. 6:26. a look at your forecast, morning commute, as well, with christina and anthony. bullets break the silence in the san jose neighborhood overnight. how a feud between neighbors kept up an entire block and kept them on lock down for hours. that sunken ferry near south korea. the excuse the captain gave to be among the first people who were rescued. taking a live look outside at a beautiful sunrise shot on this monday after easter.
6:27 am
we hope you had a wonderful weekend. if you're up this early with us. let's take you down to the south bay, as well. 6:27. good morning nelly! woah.
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breaking news a san jose neighborhood locked down as a fight between neighbors turns into a s.w.a.t standoff. good monday morning to you. mostly cloudy right now over the golden gate bridge. mostly clear meanwhile in san jose, hard to tell, a storm system on the way, it is going to bring us showers tonight into tomorrow morning and lots of changes to tell you about in your full forecast. good morning, anthony slaughter in for mike. lights are turned on and traffic is moving smoothly. we'll let you know what is happening on those roadways. globalstar in milpitas and moved to louisiana for the tax credit. we'll take a look at the stock
6:30 am
market coming up. today is monday, april 21st. and this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker. laura is off today. the man investigators hid from san ojose s.w.a.t teams for hours is now under arrest. s.w.a.t surrendered his home and talked him out. officers took him o-- now the e neighborhood was blocked off overnight and throughout the morning. we are now told, though, that all lanes of camden avenue are back open at this hour. and also new this morning, south korea's president says that the captain and some of the crew of the sunken ferry boat committed "unforgivable
6:31 am
murderous acts." the captain initially told passengers to stay in their rooms and then waited more than half an hour before issuing evacuation orders. as that ferry sank last week. well, by then, the ship tilted so much that it is believed that many of the 240 people still on the boat just couldn't get out. right now crews are still searching for bodies. so far 65 people are confirmed dead, but that number is expected to rise dramatically. now, video shows that the captain was the first to be rescued. some of the crews said he had been hurt, but a doctor who treated him said he only had light injuries. new this morning, vice president joe biden has arrived in kiev, but with just one day after a violent shootout shattered a truce in the eastern part of that country. "today in the bay" tracie potts joins us in washington, d.c. and, tracie, the u.s. sending troops actually to poland. >> they are. you know, take a look at the video of these burned out cars.
6:32 am
this is all that was left after that shootout in eastern ukraine. yesterday both sides blaming each other, but clearly the violence there is continuing after the sit down with the u.s. and europe and russia and ukraine. take a look, we've got a map to show you where those troops are headed. 150, so not a lot of u.s. troops. 150 of them going to poland in the region, but not in eastern ukraine near that russian/ukrainian border. the reason we're sending those troops to reassure our allies if this thing goes beyond ukraine, the u.s. will be there to help them out. speaking of the u.s. being there this morning vice president joe biden landed in kiev and he will be there for two days. meeting with the new president and the acting prime minister and others including business leaders to see how the u.s. can help this situation. over the weekend, ukraine's prime minister said they need to beef up their military. they need money.
6:33 am
scott? >> tracie, russia commented that forced to register with pro-russian militants. tell us what russia is saying about that. >> russia says they're not behind it. the russian ambassador to the united states said even though there were russian symbols on the fliers that told jewish residents they had to register that they're not behind it. he actually said it was, they condemned it. the ukrainian prime minister said whoever is behind it, they're going to track them down and make sure they're prosecuted. >> tracie potts in washington, thank you. 6:33 right now. really monumental moment going on at this moment on the east coast as we take you live to boston. you see this is footage of the runners. they are off and running at this very moment. in fact, 36,000 runners are taking part in the race today. last year about 23,300 runners, of course, so many of them were never able to finish. bombs there killed three people and wounded 264 as those two
6:34 am
backpack bombs went off at the finish line. many people returning this year to finish and take back the race. you hear the words boston strong. today is a moment of pride for so many people in this area and many people who flew back to that area to make sure that business was finished. we wish them well in their 26-plus mile jog. as you might say, something i've never done. i don't know if i could do it. but, boy, wishing them a lot of luck there today. now time to get a look in on that forecast as we give you a live look at the sunrise over the bay bridge toll plaza and checking in with christina, as well. have you ever run a marathon? >> no, only on my nintendo wii and you should have seen my time. 43 degrees in half moon bay. for everybody getting outdoors is part of your morning routine, well, looking really good there that right now. you want to keep in mind, showers on the way this time tomorrow and probably a good idea to make an alternative
6:35 am
plan. 56 degrees, oh, beautiful conditions in concord this morning. meanwhile 41 degrees in half moon bay and crystal clear start at the coast and you don't have that blanket of low clouds and a few mid-level clouds moving in nice and clear over san jose and nice and clear near the shark tank. here's what you can expect as we head throughout the day, cool start and few patchy clouds overhead and those clouds will thicken up as we head to the afternoon hours. mostly cloudy over the greater bay area and low clouds return to the local bridges. by this evening, little drizzle expected especially at the north bay coast with showers expected in the south bay and otherwise temperatures will be comfortable. 75 degreess in the south bay for today and 75 degrees is the high for the peninsula and notice seven-day forecast. bottom of your screen, warmest day of the week. east bay is at 68 and 73 degrees in the tri-valley with showers just around the corner. so, you'll notice those clouds increasing today. we'll talk about when the
6:36 am
showers arrive in your door step coming up in my next report. say good morning to anthony slaughter. >> things are slow approaching the bay bridge. lights have been on for 35 minutes. so, the slowing continues all the way through richmond and approaching the maze, but a beautiful sunrise, at least you get to enjoy that. let's show you what's happening in oakland. even northbound moving without a problem. no accidents to report on 880. at least right now but a switch over and show you the maps you can see for yourself heading down towards hayward and even fremont things are stop and go at certain spots, especially as you get through hayward, otherwise no accidents on 880 and even coming through the altamont pass. it is starting to slow down quite considerably. let's show you what is happening outside from our dublin sky cam. speed limits here only 20 to 30 miles in spots. slow coming through that specific location and as we show you one last spot what is happening down in the south bay right now, you can see lots of green on the map.
6:37 am
that means things are good to go. back to you guys. >> looking good on the commute, thanks, anthony. still ahead, trouble onboard another malaysian airlines plane. new details on the emergency landing overnight. sherpas on strike, the specific reason they might be walking off the job. you're looking at live pictures and live feed of the boston marathon as they discuss some of the women in the field as boston marathon gets under way. boston strong. we'll have live coverage throughout the morning. got a story for nbc bay yarpia investigative unit, call the tip line at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at
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6:40 right now. a malaysian jet had to make an emergency landing after one of its tires burst on takeoff. that plane landed in kuala lumpur. the plane did land safely and none of the 166 people onboard were hurt. it's believed to have crashed in the southern indian ocean, but no debris has yet been recovered. sherpa guides are considering a boycott on mt. everest after at least 13 of them were killed.
6:41 am
officials said they had to stop the search because of poor weather conditions. they were moving supplies to camps higher up the mountain when that avalanche hit on friday killing 13. the boycott could lead to the climbing season just really being canceled. the boycott is out of respect for those that died. 641 on your monday. coming up, an update to breaking news. >> thinks that some neighbors are doing illegal activities. he took it upon himself to be neighborhood watch. we'll tell you how a feud between neighbors in this one area turned into an all-night standoff with the s.w.a.t team in san jose. the south bay teenager runs away from his family, hops a flight to hawaii, but not in a seat, how he survived clinging to a wheel well, coming up next. and we've got some fall-like changes coming to your weather forecast this week. not one, but two chances for rain. we'll tell you where and when we're expecting the heaviest when "today in the bay" comes
6:42 am
right back.
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6:44 am
an update now to breaking news. a s.w.a.t standoff in a normally quiet san jose neighborhood is finally over after it began. police at camden avenue shut down completely overnight as they were at a home. this is in san jose's cambrian's neighborhood. bob redell has been there all morning following this story. bob, how did they finally get this standoff over with? >> just by talking to the man. the man was holed up in that home right there. you can see the tan one with the white pickup truck out front where the san jose police officer is still standing guard.
6:45 am
the standoff ended about 3:20, 3:30 this morning. it's been a few hours since it ended. started around 8:00 last night. we spoke with a teenager who lives in this neighborhood and familiar with the man. he said the man has been a menace to the neighborhood and said that last night around 8:00 fired about 20 to 30 shots with a high-powered rifle. apparently in anger over another neighbor. this man was suspected of doing something illegal. police say that those shots were fired into the ground, not actually at someone. and after those shots were fired, he retreated back inside where he was holed up for several hours. >> he is a bit out there. he really likes rc cars. so, he'll do that for a few hours. he once stole our cats and threatened to kill them unless we put collars on them. or not kill them, but vague threats. and before this, he thinks that some neighbors are doing illegal
6:46 am
activities. so, he's kind of like took if it upon himself to be like neighborhood watch. >> so, again, san jose police officers along with their partners and merge, which is san jose's version of s.w.a.t surrounded the home. as i mentioned, they did talk with the man for several hours. they said he was fairly quiet and at some point it was probably in the 3:00 hour that's when he did agree to come out. follow their orders, allow the police to handcuff him and take him away into custody where he still remains and, again, they dohave an officer out here outside the home prezusumably ty want to get in there or wait for the warrant to get in and find that gun. camden avenue was shut down and is now reopened. this is not going to affect anyone's commute. reporting live, bob redell. >> not too much sleep for that neighborhood, i'm sure. thank you. pg&e officials are scheduled to appear in court to respond to
6:47 am
criminal charges tied to the 2010 deadly pipeline explosion. the utility company knowingly and willingly violated safety regulations which led to the explosion. the fire killed eight people, injured 66 and destroyed 38 homes. pgand e could pay $6 million in fines, but that's in addition to other fines that could add up to $4 billion. the utility is expected to enter a not guilty plea. well, we are expecting to hear from san jose police leaders today following a trouble report from an independent auditor. last week's audit reveals several sorted activities on behalf of the police department. officers that had sex while on the clock. both of them are still employed by the police department. the independent police auditor is also demanding greater accountability. she says any officer who lies about confirmed misbehavior should be fired immediately. the city council plans to discuss that report at this
6:48 am
week's meeting. let's check your forecast this morning with a live look at san jose and san francisco in the bay bridge as we see the sun come up, a beautiful day, again. let's check in with christina, as well. >> good morning to you. a gorgeous weekend. more of the same for today and then rain moves in. we're getting into that time of year where it's actually pretty unusual to get an inch of rainfall out affsingle storm system, but that's what we're looking towards as we head into the end of the week. but we're going to start things out right for your monday. and i know you want to hear that, right? you don't want any tough weather conditions on a monday, especially a post-holiday monday. a lot of us had a lot to eat yesterday. if you're one of those people as you're waking up and making your way out that front door, you'll be happy to know, no significant fog to tell you about. temperatures mostly starting out in the 50s. show you san jose ask little haze here and happy to report good to moderate air quality and temperatures today are going to be comfortable. little bit warm out there for
6:49 am
some people as yesterday we hit the 80s. 75 degree today for the south bay and still five to eight degrees cooler on average and 73 along the peninsula and you'll need the coat today and san francisco only expecting to reach about 64 degrees out there even in the heat of the day. high temperatures as our days get longer are coming in at about 4:00 in the afternoon. here's what you can expect as you make your ways outdoors. we'll cloud up and then the rain returns as we head throughout tonight up in the north bay expecting the heaviest downpours as we head throughout tonight and tomorrow morning and then by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow the whole thing clears out of here and a nice, clear air mass as we head into the midsecontion of the we and most potent by friday. as we stop the clock heading into 10:00 p.m. tonight. little bit of activity until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. through 10:00 a.m., snowfall on the way to tahoe and snow levels will fall to 5,500 feet.
6:50 am
then look at this, a well-organized system makes its way towards the bay area as we head throughout thursday night into early friday and this one is really packing some generous moisture as we head throughout the day on friday we could accumulate, like i said, up to an inch of rainfall. hopefully this thing will maintain that organization. we'll keep tabs on it every single day for you this week. right now keeping tabs on your drive, good morng, anthony. >> seeing fog and drizzle over those bridges and right now approaching the bay bridge, a lot of fog burned off even coming over into san francisco and the metering lights on 45 minutes now and slow go coming through this specific location and lots of green from 880 through oakland and el cerito pretty typical this time of day and we see the slowing. off towards 680 and things are slow from concord, pleasant hill and even through walnut creek and this area seeing speeds up
6:51 am
to 20 miles per hour. it's a very slow commute here. let's head all the way down to the south bay and you can see the good news really it280 smoo and even 101 starting to see some slowing but the good news and even more as you look outside and 101 in san jose wide open lanes. usually this is really a slow spot, even in palo alto continue 101 all the way north and no problems. really good driving skills for our viewers this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you much. this morning the boston strong spirit living on at the boston marathon. right now 36,000 people are running the race after the deadly bombings at the finish line. >> chris pollone is in boston. i understand you are a bostonian. >> yes, scott and peggy, you know it is an emotional day here in boston. the good news is, though, it feels normal.
6:52 am
it feels like a normal patriots day, a holiday here in boston when millions of people turn out to watch these elite runners and then everyone else who runs this race go by over the 26.2 miles. you know, this morning here on boston common, runners showed up here as day started to break. they got on buses, they went out to the start line and now the elite women are under way and in just a few moments the elite male runners will be getting to start this race. 36,000 that will be running today, that's 9,000 more than last year. you know, when the bombs went off last year, 5,000 people were still on the course and they didn't get to finish. so, race organizers invited them all back here to run and finish what they started last year. a great many are doing that today. so, the second largest race field in history and it will be a really incredible thick to see here. people in boston have wanted this for a long time to have
6:53 am
another marathon day when things went right because things went so wrong last year. security is extremely tight, as you might imagine. 3,500 police officers double the number from last year are watching over the race course this year and so are survei surveillance cameras along the entire 26.2 miles. cameras cover every inch of that course so that police officers, other state and local officials can keep an eye on exactly what's going on here today. they can't make it totally safe, but they said that they wanted to make it as safe as humanly possible. so, that's the story live here in boston, i'm chris pollone. >> chris, thank you very much. interesting to hear chris who knows that area so well feels like a normal day. >> that's nice to hear. >> exactly what you want. california runner ryan hall may be america's best chance at a first place finish. sharing updates about his training on his website. he is from redding, california, attended stanford. missed last year's marathon because of an injury. placed third in 2009. the last time an american athlete actually finished first
6:54 am
at the boston marathon was in 1985. so, the marathon under way as we speak and our coverage continues on "today" show as well as updates along the marathon route. you can go to our website and find a special section called boston marathon one year stronger. just search the word boston. >> you see natalie morales there running it, as well. developing story we want to update you on as federal investigators want to know how a south bay teenager slipped past security and hitched a ride on a plane headed to the hawaiian islands. the teenager survived for more than five hours inside the plane's wheel well on a flight from san jose to maui. christie smith joins us live with the latest on this story and it's hard to fathom how this 16-year-old survived, christie. >> good morning to you. it is almost unbelievable and so many questions this morning how did a 16-year-old given all the security procedures in place, how did this 16-year-old boy get
6:55 am
past security here at san jose international. somehow sneak on to the plane, survive a 5 1/2 flight halfway across the pacific in the wheel well of a plane. well, an airport duty manager says that on the other end in maui that this teen didn't appear dirty or greasy at all from being in a wheel well. in fact, shared a photo of the teen being taken to the hospital and checked out after this whole ordeal. the flight left san jose sunday morning and airport officials said he was spotted then later on the tarmac at the airport when he fell out of the wheel well. the fbi got involved and questioned the sant clara teen who said he was upset with his family and decided to run away and didn't know where he was headed when he hopped on that flight. an airport manager in hawaii said he couldn't believe anyone would survive. >> i would imagine flying at 35,000 feet it would be very cold for one thing. also, you know, at 35,000 feet
6:56 am
in that wheel well not pressurized or temperature controlled. so, it would be a miracle to survive. >> now, it is believed that he was unconscious for most of that flight. he was put in the custody of child protective services and has not been charged with any crime. in fact, back here live i wanted to mention, this is the hawaiian curbside check-in. he said yesterday it was open and you could use it today. i have calls into hawaiian airline to see if there was a connection. inside the airport, i can tell you the check-in line is very, very long and, again, no curbside today. everyone has to go inside. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie, thank you. documented cases of this happening before. nearly 100 of them but most of those attempts have ended in death. in february, crews at dulles
6:57 am
international airport in washington found the body of a man inside the landing gear of a plane. in 2010 a teenage boy died after he fell out of the wheel well of a flight that was landing at boston logan international airport. well, peoplieople living on treasure island have another health issue to be concerned about. forced firefighters to move to a nearby training facility. san francisco officials who oversee housing on the island said they acted swiftly by moving the firefighters out as soon as they heard about the mold. they don't think the problem is too wide spread. however, mold just the latest health issue to worry about on treasure island where the soil has toxic substances. another marijuana event in san francisco, not accused of smoking pot, one person was arrested for illegally carrying a gun and the other charges with felonies. among thousands of pot enthusiasts who spent yesterday, 420, celebrating their
6:58 am
unofficial holiday. at one point police responded to a report of shots fired and did not find any evidence of a shooting. park rangers and police officers say they focused on catching underage drinking, open containers and people selling drugs in the park. >> shutting everybody down for selling stuff and the cops are out here doing their thing. >> the park rangers were messing with us, but it's okay. >> several people stayed behind after the event to clean up. the city spent about $15,000 cleaning up last year after last year's celebration. we know the boston marathon is under way, but another heavy duty competition also under way this morning as we take you live to the white house. this is where the traditional easter egg roll. you can see they're all gathering and haven't seen the president yet this morning but the competition is fierce with those children in their easter best as they roll those eggs across the lawn. >> what a great tradition. we'll bring you video as it
6:59 am
happens. in the meantime, let's check in with christina. >> taking a live look at san francisco. i know it's a monday and make your way out that front door and this is the reward. you get to live in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. not just this country and temperatures are going to be fabulous for today. 54 degrees in the east bay, did i inspire you? i need a little inspiration on a monday. we're going to hit the mid-70s later on today and then rain moves in tomorrow. don't worry, though, we'll have you covered right here on "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 a.m. >> more inspiration for you, the traffic is really light this morning. in fact on 880 not one single accident from oakland to fremont. oakland sky cam wide open roads and in san jose you can see on our traffic maps, lots of green on our maps. things are flowing smoothly and 87 when it meets 101. that is what is happening
7:00 am
"today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local update. have a great monday. good morning. running strong. 36,000 participants, one million spectators and a massive show of security in place for the boston marathon a year after the tragic bombings. >> it's so important that we come back and show how resilient we are and how strong this city is. >> natalie is there li as she gets set to run herself. stowaway. a teenager hides in the wheel well of a flight from california to hawaii, overcoming sub-zero temperatures and a lack of oxygen. this morning, the fbi investigates how that could have happened. murderous behavior. south korea's president has harsh words for the captain and crew in that ferry disaster. as more arrests are ma


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